Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
International Publications
International Publications
MBA Masters Degree

Professional Certificate of Competence in Chemical Engineering and Plant Design


I have experience in the following areas:

  1. Development of core-shell binders for decorative paints.
  2. Development of organic opacifiers (vesiculated beads) for decorative paints.
  3. Tandem catalysis using PNP catalyst system developed at SASOL for tetramerization together with metallocene catalysts to synthesize VLDPE and LLDPE.
  4. Highly branched waxes and HDPE using thermo-labile PNP catalyst system.
  5. Superabsorbent polymers using a spray dryer as reactor.
  6. Diesel wax modifiers using controlled free radical polymerization (RAFT).
  7. Fertilizer coatings for the attachment of micro-nutrients.
  8. Emulsifiers for emulsion explosives.
  9. Polyols for polyurethane foams using biomass and renewable raw materials.
  10. Novolacs (Phenol-formaldehyde thermoplastic resins) with dramatically enhanced properties as binders in brake pads.
  11. Resols (Phenol-formaldehyde thermoset resins) with extended shelf life and high activity for use in plywood adhesives.
  12. Hybrid phenolic-polyurethane foams using a novolac resin as polyol.

I also have experience in the manufacture of the following products:

  1. Defoamers in general and those that are formulated using vegetable oils.
  2. Polyacrylic acid dispersants and fatty acid esters of polyethylene glycols.
  3. Polymeric thickeners including ASE and HASE thickeners.

I was involved in the following theses:

  1. Rheology modifiers using Controlled Free Radical Polymerization.
  2. Controlled free radical polymerization – Emulsion Polymerization (Hodgson and Beyers).
  3. Tandem Catalysis.
  4. Use of reducing sugars to modify the rate of ATRP polymerization.
  5. Cold Flow Improvers РControlled polymer morphology.
  6. Carbon Dioxide Absorption.

Some of the memorable projects I was involved in include:

SI Group

1.Developed new novolac resin for brake pads that exceeds the performance of any brake pad resin currently used.

2.Developed gas-free curing system for brake pad manufacturing.

3.Developed radical new and enhanced plywood adhesive (resol) with significantly improved performance and the ability to manipulate the shelf life.

4. Developed a new hybrid phenol formaldehyde/polyurethane rigid foam.

5. Developed novolacs and resols with 50% replacement by mass of phenol

Experse International

1.Developed agricultural fertilizer coatings for the attachment of micronutrients.

2. Developed slow release urea coatings.

3. Developed vegetable-based polyols for rigid and soft polyurethane foam.

4. Developed emulsifiers for emulsion explosives.


1.Tandem catalysis (one-pot synthesis) using a combination of tetramerization catalyst and metallocene catalysts in a single reactor.

2. Design of thermo-labile catalyst for the synthesis of synthetic micro-waxes and high density polyethylene.

3. Design of cold-flow improvers for GTL diesel based on the use of controlled free radical polymerization.

4. Synthesis of superabsorbents using a spray drier as reactor.

Kansai Plascon

1. Core-shell latex binder for improved block resistance and overall improved performance for indoor decorative paints.

2. Designed polyester-based vesiculated beads as alternatives for Titanium Dioxide and to reduce water sensitivity and increase scrub resistance.